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  • Drink more milk at the Knysna Country House

    Drink more milk October 12th 2017

    Drink more milk and make a difference! The Great Fires which started around Knysna on the 7th of June 2017 may be a distant memory already for those who have not been directly affected by it. We realize this as our guests do no longer ask questions about the fires. The forestry workers are taking […]

  • #HashtagRadio September 15th 2017

    Knysna on #HashtagRadio Wow, just want to share what a great day we had yesterday.  Since we moved to Knysna in 1999 tourism in all its facets has been our life.  Promoting the different guesthouses we owned and telling people about what there is to see and do in Knysna became a natural thing to […]

  • Green and Fridays September 8th 2017

    #GreenFriday as #KnysnaRises As you are probably aware by now there have been some horrendous fires in the greater Knysna area.  Yesterday was 3 months ago they started.  Only next week Monday will it be 3 months that the fires were ‘contained.’  Which doesn’t mean they were all out.  Actually, three months down the line […]

  • Jazzart Knysna Womens Day

    Women’s Day in Knysna August 9th 2017

    Why Women’s Day While I’m not a lecturer as such, I do think it is important to understand the background of Women’s Day here in South Africa.  It was in 1956, during the heydays of Apartheid, when the women of South Africa stood up against the dreaded ‘passes law’, which restricted movement within the Republic […]

  • Little Angels Special Learning Centre for Children with Disabilities, Hornlee. Knysna. Photograph: Fran Kirsten

    Little Angels Special Care Centre for Children with Disabilities June 6th 2017

    About Knysna Association for Persons with Disabilities  The Knysna Association for Persons with Disabilities is an association working with people with disabilities.  Their aim is to create a better community, lifestyle and workplace for persons with disabilities and for these people to achieve their potential, dreams and goals.  One of the programs of Knysna Association [...]  CONTINUE READING
  • Little Angels Special Learning Centre for Children with Disabilities, Hornlee. Knysna. Photograph: Fran Kirsten

    Little Angels Special Learning Centre for Children with Disabilities June 4th 2017

    I was invited to the opening of the Little Angels Special Learning Centre for Children with Disabilities.  In Hornlee here in Knysna, the neighborhood basically adjacent to where the guesthouse is. 

  • Sister Sister Project Knysna

    Sister Sister Project May 5th 2017

    The Sister Sister Project was started in Knysna in November 2015 by two local Knysna business ladies, supported by our Municipality and Madam Mayor.  This project helps young girls get access to monthly sanitary products.  Because every month in Knysna girls are missing up to 5 days of school - because they simply cannot afford [...]  CONTINUE READING
  • Knysna Country House and the environment

    The Environment April 17th 2017

    We implemented several measurements to decrease the impact we have on the environment.  Because we care about the environment.  It is our duty to look after it for generations to come.  To give you an idea of what we’ve done – and where you can help:

  • Homtini mountain biking Knysna

    Homtini Cycle Trail April 9th 2017

    To get to the start of the Homtini Cycle Trail is easy and described in our previous blog post Harkerville or Homtini. And the start of the Homtini Cycle Trail itself is easy.  But then….

  • Mountain bike Knysna

    Harkerville or Homtini? April 2nd 2017

    The well-marked trails at Harkerville are probably the most well-known mountain bike trails in the area, and can be found half-way between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.  But since they feature in every cycling magazine



  • Have enjoyed hospitality, great service and quality for the third time in a row!  Erik and Ypie arranged for us (...) golf (...) which was an unforgettable experience.  The pool in the beautiful garden was heaven on earth!

    Van Baarle, The Netherlands

  • (...) Die ganze Anlage (Garten, Terrasse, Pool etc.) ist sehr schön und sehr gepflegt.  Das Frühstück war superlecker, vielfältig und sehr reichlich. Die Gastgeber Ypie und Erik sind super nett (...)

    Tomba, Germany

  • (...) We couldn't have chosen a more convenient and comfortable venue than the Knysna Country House. Lovely swimming pool. Large generous breakfasts with delightful and attentive staff. Also a very beautiful and peaceful location. (...)  

    Mandy & Thomas, South Africa